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The New Rules of Customer Service: Top 10 Requirements for Providing Exceptional Customer Service

Taken from my book, “Customer Service New Rules“, these are the top 10 requirements that every business must practice in order to provide exceptional customer service to their customers. This is a MUST READ for everyone in business!

An exceptional business MUST:

1. Hire people who have the right attitude.

Hire the attitude and train the skill. Bottom line: Hire people who enjoy serving others.

2. Never let an untrained employee have contact with a customer.

An untrained employee can easily cause you to lose customers and money.

3. Make the customer’s time with your company an experience.

Each experience with the customer must be a positive customer experience (PCE).

4. Regularly inform all employees about what’s going on in the company.

It is very annoying and frustrating for your customers to ask an employee of your company a question and receive a response such as, “I don’t know.” It is your business to know.

5. Make every decision with the customer in mind.

Integrate the customer into your decision-making process. Always ask, “How will this decision affect my customer?”

6. Make customers an agenda item at every team meeting.

Your customers are the fundamental reason why you are having the meeting in the first place. Always remember that everything you do within the company is about the core: your customers.

7. Empower your employees to do the right thing.

Train your employees efficiently and thoroughly.

8. Install continuous improvement initiatives.

Include customer service as part of the company’s performance appraisal process. As part of this process, ask employees to include a goal for improving customer service. Do not forget to write a customer service goal for yourself.

9. Create and maintain an atmosphere of excellence.

Let it be known to everyone in the company that everything you and your employees do has to be the best, and that you will not accept less. Give attention to even the smallest details.

10. Continually surprise the customer and do the unexpected.

Many customers will not accept poor service. Instead, they simply will choose not to continue doing business with you. You can quickly increase your bottom line by training employees to do the unexpected by surprising customers in a positive way by doing something different than what is expected or that sets them apart from the status quo.

Sophia Brooks is the president and CEO of Global Learning Partners, Inc., an international training and consulting firm located in Southern California.  As an international master trainer and keynote speaker, she specializes in implementing customer service initiatives for businesses to increase their profits.

Visit my Web site, Global Learning Partners, Inc., for more information on how I can help your business!


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